Gas Space Heaters

Many households have a couple of gas space heaters put away with their emergency supplies. They want to make sure they will have the heat they need should they lose power. With the problems that have happened around the Nation concerning power outages in recent years this isn’t a bad idea. They can be a very valuable tool but you also have to be careful using them

Gas space heaters have resulted in many deaths over the years. This is due to them emitting too much carbon monoxide into the air. Those around this invisible gas never have a clue. There is no smell like you get with propane or natural gas so you can’t known it is there without a sensor. Many of the models of gas space heaters do have a built in carbon monoxide sensor. If yours doesn’t you should immediately consider getting rid of it. You are taking a risk with your family that could have deadly consequences.

Gas space heats do have less of a risk of someone tripping over them though. They don’t have any type of cord that goes to them for power. This means you can also place them anywhere without worrying about an outlet for them. They are a good back up heating source for emergencies. Make sure you always store the matches or lighter for them away from the gas heater though. You don’t want to cause any type of explosion due to negligence.

You will find that most models of gas space heaters are more affordable than electric ones. Therefore you can get a very top of the line quality one for a low price. If you are buying it for emergencies and power outages, you need to test it out before you need it. Make sure it works well and that you are aware of the proper way in which to operate it. If you are in a desperate situation and it doesn’t work you won’t be able to replace it.

While gas space heaters can be beneficial, you need to follow all of the directions when you use them. Don’t assume that your family will be safe with one in place if you haven’t taken the time to read the instructions. You should also carefully review the safety information on any model you buy. Always send in the registration information so you can be contacted if there are any recalls on that particular make and model of gas space heater.

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