Best Dash Cam 2019

We’ve sifted through some of the top dash cams to nail down the very best dash cameras for 2019. It’s important to point out that dash cams are much more than GoPros mounted on your car’s dashboard; these are car-ready cameras that perform some critical functions and can even help you save time and money that would be better spent going back into your vehicle.

Whether used to provide evidence to your insurance company or help you avoid paying for a crash-for-cash scheme, dash cams provide some peace of mind wherever your journey takes you.


Brighter, Smarter, and Energy Efficient.
1080p Full HD & Full HD 2CH / Super Night Vision2.0 / Time Lapse
Safety Camera Alert | Road Safety Warning System (LDWS, FCWS, uFCWS, FVDW)
140° Wide Angle (Front & Rear) | Advanced Video Clear Technology | Built-in Wi-Fi | Built-in GPS
Format Free 2.0 | Mobile APP (Android/iOS) | Windows/Mac Viewer

Read more on the F800 Launch here


CMOS Image Sensors allow constant front and rearview Full 1080p HD resolution recording during
both daytime and nighttime along with a 140-degree wide angle lens view.
This will minimize blind spots to assure recording of all events without fail.

ㆍTHINKWARE DASH CAM F800 PRO’s Full HD rear camera is sold separately.



DASH CAM videos recorded in a low-light environment, such as dark alleys or parking lots, may not be clearly identifiable.
SUPER NIGHT VISION2.0 in the F800 PRO uses Image Signal Processing (ISP) technology
to record a clear, visible video in any situation- while driving or parked.

Sony Exmor R STARVIS Image Sensor

Perfect image processing even in low-light environments

The Sony Exmor R STARVIS Image Sensor applied to the F800 PRO provides rich colors and the optimal resolution.
STARVIS technology improves Exmor R’s low light sensitivity by providing optimal image quality in visible ray and
near-infrared range, allowing clear imaging in low light environments.

Energy Saving Parking Recording

Energy saving parking recording will reduce power consumption by 1/3 less and gives 3x longer video recording than normal parking mode.
When you are away for a vacation or leaving your car for quite some time, energy saving parking recording is a recommended solution.
When in use, F800 PRO will go to sleep and soon after an impact has been detection by built-in G-senor,
F800 PRO will wake up within a second and start recording for next 20 seconds of period.


Important clips and images may get deleted due to insufficient memory space during long continuous recordings,
especially in standard parking recording mode which requires large memory for saving 15 to 30 frames per second.

TIME LAPSE MODE in the F800 PRO records 2 frame per second reducing the size of the video file.
This allows video recordings in parking mode to continue up to 9 times longer than other dash cams.

Safety Camera Alert

Exclusive safety feature from THINKWARE – The Safety Camera Alert powers THINKWARE Dash Cam to
be on continuous alert for photo enforcement locations on your driving routes while recording high quality
videos at the same time. THINKWARE Dash Cam provides active warning for these 5 types of road safety cameras.


Road Safety Warning System

The THINKWARE DASH CAM F800 PRO is equipped with the Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS),
Front Collision Warning System (FCWS), Urban Front Collision Warning System(uFCWS)
and Front Vehicle Departure Warning (FVDW) to ensure driver safety with a voice warning.

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

Drowsy or distracted driving greatly increases the chance of an accident on the road.
The Land Departure Warning System will alert the driver when the vehicle goes off lane in a speed over 50 km/h.

High Speed / Urban Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS/ uFCWS)

Accidents can be avoided by maintaining a safe following distance. Road Safety Warning System in the F800 PRO calculates
the real-time distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you, while driving above 30 km/h in expressways
or under 30 km/h in a busy city, and issues a 3-level early warning to the driver depending on the danger of collision.

Front Vehicle Departure Warning (FVDW)

When your car is stopped at an intersection or in traffic, the intelligent guidance system informs you that the vehicle in front has started to move, preventing a delayed response just in case you stop looking ahead.

State of the Art
Video Enhancement Technology

THINKWARE DASH CAMs are equipped with top-notch video enhancement technology on the market,
ensuring the most vivid video recordings under any circumstance.


When you are driving under bright sunlight, coming out of a tunnel, or getting under the shadow of a tall building etc,
a sudden change in frontal light exposure levels can result in excessively bright or dark recordings.
The WDR function eliminates excessively bright spots on the recording
to correct its color balance in order to ensure a clear image.


Images from the videos recorded during nighttime driving on dark streets are generally difficult to make out.
The enhancement Sensors of THINKWARE DASH CAMs come with
a standard function of brightness and color control as well as noise cancellation.


A sudden rise of light exposure caused by strong sunlight or headlight beams of oncoming vehicle may cause
difficulties to assess the situation. Also, lack of lighting in a dark tunnel or night driving may pose the same problem.
The automatic light exposure function controls the level of light exposure
to maintain vivid and clear video recordings in all circumstances.

Various Autonomous Recording Modes

Check recorded images and
update firmware using smartphones

Your smartphone and the F800 PRO can be connected via the exclusive application
‘THINKWARE DASH CAM Mobile Viewer for F800 PRO’ with built-in Wi-Fi in the navigation.
Check, download or delete recorded images, update firmware or update safe driving information on the application.

Viewer for Checking Clear and Precise Video

The intuitive and simple-to-use interface of THINKWARE DASH CAM allows you an easy and convenient viewing of your recorded videos.
Through PC or Mac viewer, you can playback and download recorded videos along with your route history and speed record.
You can also change the dash cam settings, format the memory card, or install updates with just a few clicks on the viewer.

Comprehensive Driving Data through Built-In GPS

Using the GPS data in F800 PRO, it can precisely pinpoint the vehicle’s location and routes with its driving speed on the map.
The GPS helps you accurately assess the status of the accident by providing you with the vehicle speed,
the direction of the collision and the severity of impact. The DASH CAM not only records driving footage
but can also be used to track and recall past driving routes whether it be work or holiday routes.

*The F800 PRO comes with built-in GPS

High-temperature Protection System

The specially designed heat discharge construction and the built-in thermal sensor of the F800 PRO protect
the device and its data against intense heat by automatically turning it off to prevent overheating.



Dimension 107 x 60.5 x 32.5 mm (4.2 * 2.4 * 1.18 in) Weight 104.5g (0.23 lbs)
Package Contents Main dash cam unit, Mount with 3M tape (1ea), Cigar jack cable, Adhesive cable holder (3ea), MicroSD memory card with adapter (consumable), Quick Start Guide/Warranty Card


Camera Sony Exmor R CMOS 2.13M IMX291
Resolution Front & Rear: Full HD (1920 x 1080P)
Capacity Micro SD Card 16GB / 32GB / 64GB / 128GB UHS-I
Recording Modes Continuous Recording, Incident Recording, Manual Recording, Audio Recording
Sensor 3-Axis Accelerometer G-Sensor (3D, ±3G)
GPS Built-in GPS
Wi-Fi Built-in Wi-Fi
Power Input Power: DC 12/24V
ETC Security LED / Operation Status LED/ GPS Receiver LED/ Wi-Fi LED


2.BlackVue™ DR900S



Front cam: 8 megapixels sensor / 4K Ultra High Definition (3840×2160 @30FPS).
Rear cam: 2.1 megapixels STARVIS™ sensor / Full HD (1920×1080 @30FPS).

The front camera’s ultra-wide 162-degree angle takes full advantage of the 4K UHD resolution. The rear camera records in Full HD at a 139-degree angle with outstanding low-light sensitivity (great for cars with tint).
Your BlackVue captures critical details while driving or in Parking Mode.

With BlackVue Over the Cloud, check on your car from anywhere, anytime.



4K UHD is four times as many pixels as Full HD*. This is a huge difference, and it shows.
License plates can be made out more clearly and from further away.

Besides, you don’t need a 4K monitor to appreciate 4K videos.
Even on a Full HD monitor, you can zoom in much further without any visible pixelation.

*HD = 1280×720 pixels (0.92 million pixels);
Full HD = 1920×1080 (2.07 million pixels) = 2.25 x HD pixel count
4K UHD = 3840×2160 (8.29 million pixels) = 4 x Full HD or 9 x HD pixel count



Along with the regular H.264 codec, the DR900S Series features H.265, also called High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), the leading standard in 4K recording and broadcasting.

With H.265, 4K UHD video file size is similar to that of Full HD H.264. In other words, you get 4 times bigger and better images without sacrificing recording time.
Increase your recording time in Full HD.

Tip to maximize recording time: set Codec to H.265 and Quality to Normal. Ideal for long Parking Mode sessions.



Speed: speed data will be overlaid in the video (can be turned off in the settings).
You can set speed display in Kilometers per hour (Km/h) or Miles per hour (Mph).
Location: visualize your vehicle’s location in the BlackVue App or Viewer’s Map.


The dual-band 2.4/5GHz Wi-Fi lets you download dashcam videos to a smartphone at blazing speed and allows Over the Cloud functionalities via any Internet-enabled Wi-Fi network. With BlackVue’s Sub-Stream technology, download Quick Play versions of the original videos for even faster review.



While driving, your BlackVue detects impacts and sudden changes in speed. While parked, it also detects movements*.

Videos files are marked accordingly so that you can easily find the relevant ones in the BlackVue Viewer for Windows and Mac OS or the BlackVue App for Android and iOS.

(*) For Parking Mode recording, an external battery pack (Power Magic Battery Pack) or a hardwiring kit (Power Magic Pro) is required. Learn more about Parking Mode.



BlackVue DR900S’ stealthy design incorporates easy access to useful functions.
Proximity sensor: toggle audio recording ON and OFF by simply waving your hand in front of it. The sensor can also be configured to trigger Manual Event videos in the settings.
Wi-Fi button: turn Wi-Fi ON/OFF (short press), reset your Wi-Fi password (hold until voice prompt, then short press) or format the microSD card (hold until voice prompt, and then hold again). All actions are confirmed by a voice prompt.



Both the BlackVue App and Viewer are free to download and use.

They let you easily change your BlackVue configuration settings and browse through your videos in an intuitive way.

With the BlackVue App, connect to your BlackVue via Wi-Fi to access files and check real-time Live View for easy setup and positioning of your dashcam.


Event Files Overwrite Protection:

Dashcams record in a loop, overwriting older files when the memory is full. BlackVue DR900S-2CH can prevent Event files (triggered manually or by impacts) overwriting. Up to fifty (50) files can be protected this way. You can choose to allow new Event files to overwrite past Event files, thus keeping the latest fifty.

Adaptive Format-Free File Management

This BlackVue-developed file system improves recording stability and requires less microSD card formatting.

Scheduled Reboots (see Parking Mode section below)
Your BlackVue comes equipped with a U1 (16GB, 32GB) or U3 microSD Card (64GB, 128GB), guaranteeing high transfer speed and tested for durability.


Connect to your BlackVue anytime, from anywhere in the world with BlackVue Over the Cloud.

Enjoy remote Live View and Push Notifications to your phone.

Back up important videos to the Cloud remotely.

Play and download videos from your dashcam’s memory or the Cloud from anywhere.

Enjoy Two-way Voice Communication with the driver from the app through the BlackVue’s integrated speaker and mic. Check the BlackVue Over the Cloud page for more information



The BlackVue Tamper-Proof Case is a security accessory for BlackVue DR900S Series dashcams. It blocks physical access to the microSD card slot and microSD format button, and prevents unplugging the power and coaxial cables, thus highly reducing risks of data tampering.


with the Power Magic accessories.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your car is under protection while you are away.

BlackVue automatically switches to Parking Mode to monitor you parked vehicle.
Thanks to video buffer, the few seconds leading to triggering events are also recorded.
DR900S-2CH supports two Parking Mode options:

Motion & Impact Detection Parking Mode detects both:

Motions recorded by the image sensor (marked “P” in the file list).

Impacts detected by the accelerometer/G-sensor (marked “E” in the file list).

Choose detection regions to reduce the risk of triggering unwanted motion recordings due to trees swaying in the wind, far-away moving objects, etc.

Continuously records at 1FPS (one frame per second). Videos are played back at 30FPS. 
1-minute Time lapse Parking Mode video = 30 minutes real time coverage.
Cover a period of more than 27 hours on a 16GB microSD card front and rear at the highest (Extreme) quality setting.
When an impact is detected, the dashcam creates a buffered Event video.

And also:

Parking Mode Event Voice Notifications:
Upon exiting Parking Mode, your BlackVue tells you if Events were recorded when you were away from your car, so you can check right away the Event videos on the BlackVue App.

Scheduled Reboot:
Schedule a daily automatic reboot (optional—at night by default) to minimize potential errors. Reboots happen only if the dashcam is in Parking Mode and not writing data to the microSD card. 

Super stealthy:
Completely turn off all LED indicators in Parking Mode. Only the recording LED indicator facing the interior of the vehicle will blink when motion or impact is detected.

Rexing V1P Pro


Front and Rear Full HD

Front and rear cameras each record Full HD 1080p video (1920×1080) at a frame rate of 30 frames per second.

Wide Dynamic Range technology allows each camera to perform optimally in low-light situations by carefully fine-tuning the exposure.

170 degree ultra wide angles lenses on both cameras open up to capture sweeping views of their surroundings.

Built-in GPS Logger

The internal GPS Logger allows you to mark time, date, location, and speed information to all your recordings without the need for a separate accessory.

This gives you the option to view several metrics that can prove to be highly useful in reporting a driving incident.

Capacitor Power

Power is delivered by a supercapacitor, a premium alternative to a lithium-ion battery which features an enhanced temperature resistance to hot and cold climates.

The use of a supercapacitor to deliver power provides a significant advantage to long-term reliability over battery-operated dash cams.

Wi-Fi Connect

Transfer your dash cam recordings to your smartphone or tablet over Wi-Fi with the use of an app interface which supports iOS and Android platforms.

This makes it easier than ever to share footage from your trips.

Secure Recording

Loop Recording will allow the V1P Pro to keep recording without interruption by overwriting the oldest unlocked files when the card is out of storage.

The ability to detect collisions with the G-sensor also allows the camera to automatically lock the current recording in the case of an incident, keeping your most important footage protected.


The fine details of the camera.

Image Sensor

Front – OV4689, Rear – IMX323


2.4 inch, 4:3 LCD

GPS Logger


Max Resolution – Front + Rear

1080p 30fps


170° FOV, f1.8 aperture

Wi-Fi Connect


Battery Type


Max Resolution – Front Only

2160p 24fps / 1440p 30fps / 1080p 60fps

CPU Class


Operating Temperature

-20°F to 176°F

Memory Requirement

UHS-I / Class 10 or higher Micro SD card (up to 256GB)

Video Format

h.264 (.MOV)

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3.Pruveeo D7 Car Dvr 4K WIFI Dash Cam Cars Cameras

2160P Ultra HD Visual Revolution

The industry’s cutting-edge NT96663 chip, equipped with OV4689 ultra-high-definition sensor chip. As high-definition, delicate and powerful, it seems to be immersive. D7 will share with you 2160P Ultra HD visual storm.

2160P Ultra HD is clearer than HD

2160P Ultra HD is an emerging standard for analyzing digital movies and digital content. It is 60% clearer than the ordinary 1440P and 2 times more clear than 1080P! The shooting effect is bright, very clear, and the details are beautiful.

1080p/60fps, the picture quality is more delicate

The common car dvr can only record 30 frames/s at 1080p resolution, which is easy to blur at high speed and produces smear, while the Rexing car dvr can record  1080p/60fps, high-speed driving in clear video, rich in details, the effect is comparable to sports cameras.

Support WIFI connection

When a traffic policeman needs to obtain evidence in a dispute, the ordinary car dvr needs to use a card reader to connect the TF card to the computer. After a cumbersome operation, the video playback can be viewed. The Rexing car dvr D7 only needs to open the mobile phone APP and connect the car dvr WIFI, traffic police can view video playback on the spot.

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4.Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam Pro

Specification: Xiaomi 70mai Pro 1944P HD Dash Cam Car DVR Camera SONY IMX335 Sensor 140 Degree FOV – Black

Item Type Car DVR
Number Of Lenses 1
Interface Micro SD/TF, WI-FI, USB2.0
Memory Card Required Reding Speed Class 10
Brand Name (mai) 70
Assembly Mode Portable Recorder
Original Package Yes
Battery Li-polymer, 500mAh
Screen Ratio 4:3
OSD Language Russia, English
Video Format MP4
Max External Memory (G) 64
View angle 105°-140°
Touch Screen No  
Special Features Bult in GPS, Cyclic Recording, Real Time Surveillance, Wide Dynamic Range, Wifi Function, G-sensor, Voice, Led Display, Night Vision, Cycle Recording, Anti Fog, Time&Date Display, Microphone, Sound Control Video
Video Code H.264
Frames Per Second 30
GPS logger External
Pixels (Mega) 500
Chipset Manufacturer Hi3556V100
Version English Version, Russian Version
Image Sensor SONY IMX335
Lens 6 Glasses, FOV 140 Degree Wide Angle
Video Resolution 1944P, better than Full HD 1080P
Flash (MB) 128
RAM (MB) 512
Resolution 2592×1944 px
Input 5V/2A
Dimensions 87.5x53x18mm
Support System Android 4.1, iOS 8.0 or above

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5.Podofo Night Vision Full HD 1080P 140 Digital Camera Car DVR Camcorder Recorder G-sensor CMOS Sensor  2.7″  Video Recorder Mini DVR G30

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dashcam full hd;camera for car


– Super small volume, direct stick on the cars will not block line of sight, video registrator
   1080 p ultra wide Angle lens perfect combination design,
    more convenient on various occasions a multi-angle, high resolution video shooting
– Built-in sensor 1/3 inch low noise degree is high quality, in the dark places to capture the ultra clear picture
– Built-in lithium electricity charge while video function
– Built-in microphone/speaker
– Support high capacity Micro TF card
– Car boot video function automatically
– With the function of delay start, prevent damage of cars instantaneous pulse current machine


 G-Sensor: Support

 LCD Screen Size: 2.7 LTPS 16:9

 Chip:  podofo

 Lens: 140 degree A + grade high resolution ultra-wide angle lens

 Files Format: AVI.

 Image Sensor: AR0330

 Video Resolution: 1920*1080; 1280*720; 848*480; 640*480

 Recording Video Format: AVI,Audio:AAC

 Language: Portuguese / English / Russian / simplified / traditional Chinese / Japanese / French / Spanish / German /Italian

 Continuour Loop Video: Seamless Loop Recording,don’t leak second

 Automatically Power on/off: Support Auto ignition boot,turn off shutdown

 Interface: Support USB; HDMI  ;

 Motion Detection: Support

 Night Vision: Support

 Time Synchronization: Support

 Photo Format: 500W

  Support Memory Card: Support TF(MAX32GB)

 Built-in stereo: Support

 Video format: PAL/NTSC

 Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ

 USB Function: USB-Disk;PC-Camera;Charging

 Power Interface: 5V 1A

 System Requires: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7,Ma

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6.YI Smart Dash Camera

Drive smarter, drive safer.

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) | 165° Ultra Wide-angle Lens
1080p 60fps High Speed Recording | Night Vision | 2.7″ LCD Screen

The Ultimate Dash Camera

The YI Smart Dash Camera combines many top features of all the dash cameras on the market and provides protection to you and your car with ultimate performance and affordability. Designed with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System), the camera analyzes data such as speed and the distance of the vehicle in front and sends real-time audio alerts in the event of straying from the lane or driving too close to the vehicle in front of yours. YI Smart Dash Camera supports 1920x1080p full HD at 60fps, 2304x1296p ultra high-definition at 30fps, bright, clear and sharp images even at high speeds.

Full 3-lane Coverage with 165° Wide-angle Lens

In order to reduce blind spots, the YI Smart Dash Camera uses a 165° ultra wide angle all-glass lens, which monitors 3 lanes comfortably. The camera is highly sensitive, enabling accurate and detailed capture recordings.

1080p 60fps H.264 Video Recording and Emergency Recording

The YI Smart Dash Camera features a high-end video processor with 60fps recording. 
It was designed to capture fast-moving scenes, record exciting moments, and provide accurate collision recordings immediately. 
With a high efficient H.264 video encoding, the camera guarantees clear images in high resolution while optimizing storage space for more footage.
The system also features G-Sensor technology that allows the camera to automatically save footage in the events 
leading up to a collision and immediately after so you have a record of the incident for insurance disputes or other purposes

1296p Super High Definition (by software interpolation)

With a pixel density 44% greater than 1080p, the YI Smart Dash Camera produces images clearer than you can imagine.

6G Lens + Infrared Filter: Capture Every Moment in Detail 

The 6G all-glass professional lens has an infrared filter to block infrared rays and reduce glare, making HD images sharper, clearer and more realistic.

 Converging Light

Enhance Sharpness

Color Correction

Optical Distortion Correction

Stray light Barrier

Light Axis Correction

Shrink Ray

Image Sensor

2.7” 16:9 Screen: User-friendly Interface 

The 2.7” 16:9 LCD offers a widescreen preview and playback experience. With large touch buttons and easily recognizable icon designs, it makes for an intuitive experience.

Bottom and Top Cooling 
System Design

Cool air enters through the bottom vents and exits through the top vent. This convection cooling design allows the camera to stay cool and offers a longer product lifetime. The design of the vent was inspired by traditional eastern paper cut art. YI Dash Camera was created with flame retardant eco-friendly materials that have surpassed strict wear, abrasion and corrosion tests. The materials used are also lead/toxin/odor free and ultraviolet- proof to guarantee reliability and durability.

Installation Mount: Reliable, Durable, 
and Simple Set-up

The creative T-slot mount is convenient and safe to use: simply fit and slide the camera into the slot, and attach it firmly to your car’s dashboard. All the materials have been selected meticulously to guarantee the camera will stay in place while driving.

Not a Single Detail Spared

Elegant Polyurethane finished shell, delicate metallic feel.
Carefully selected color, balancing a fine touch and superior physical properties.
Meticulous selection of materials that pass demanding wear & abrasion, corrosion, hot & cold temperature and impact tests, and are non-toxic and resistant to the sun’s heat.
Lead and Odor Free, More Eco-Friendly.
Ultra high polish lens rim with perfect shining details.
Special lens typeface for a unique user experience.

Cutting-Edge Technology, Outstanding Performance

Our product design team consists of world-class leaders from Germany, Taiwan and mainland China who have worked together to create a camera with powerful functionality to promote safe driving. Every structure and detail is the result of experience, determination, and creativity. 
SABIC flame retardant PC/ABS materials, ultraviolet-proof PU topcoat, convection cooling design and many other advanced components were combined to produce this remarkable creation.

6G all-glass lens 
with infrared filter


2.7-inch 16: 9 
LCD widescreen

YI customized chip with professional 
dual-core processor + DSP technology

Built-in Wi-Fi: Single Touch Sharing

With a built-in 2.4GHz wireless module, simply open the app and connect the Dash Camera via Wi-Fi to view real-time footage or playback recordings. With the YI Smart Dash Camera, you can easily share your journey with your friends at any time, wherever you are. 


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7. E-ACE Car DVR 3 Cameras


↑↑Recorded video was compressed from 1080P to 720P when uploading, real recorded video is more clearly than this↑↑ Dear Buyer,Pls read me before you make order. 1.About Charger ·Car DVRs need use in Car,and use Original Charger connect with Cigarette Lighter work. 2.About SD Card · Car DVRs need use 100% original Class 10 TF Card, and above 16GB. 3.Our Guarantee . We are manufacturer,our products are direct selling,no re-selling, and we can help our buyers solve all problems.Buy our Car Camera DVRs, if have any quality problem,in 1 month,we will replacement a new good one for you. In 6 months,we will repair it for you freely. 4. Get our coupons, will help you save more money

Product Information

  E-ACE Car DVR 3 Cameras Lens 4.0 Inch Dash Camera Dual Lens With Rearview Camera Video Recorder Auto Registrator Dvrs Dash Cam Features And Specifications: ● Screen Size:4.0 Inch IPS Screen Display ● Chipset : QuadCore Processor,Support 3 Camara Lens 
● Camera Resolution :Front Camera: 1280*[email protected]; Inside Camara:3.0MP,640*[email protected];Back Camera: 3.0MP, 640*[email protected] 
● Camera View Angle:Front Camera: 170 Degree,Inside Camara:120 Degree;Back Camera:140 Degree 
● Camera Aperture :F2.0 Large Aperture(Front Camara) 
● Video Code :MJPG 
● OSD Languages :English,Russian,Thailand,And Other Worlds Languages(If you want other languages,tell us,we will help you add it) 
● Functions :G-Sensor,Digital Zoom,Motion Detection,Cycle Recording,Time&Data Display,With Rearview Mirror,Wide Dynamic Range,Led Light 
● Battery :Built-In(About 300-450 mAh) 
● 3 Camera Lens :Front And Inside Camaras recording at same time,Front and Rear Camara Lens recording at same time,support picture in picture display 
● Front Camera Lens: Full 6 Glasses Camera Lens 
● Rearview Camera Lens :With 4 Led Lamp For Night Vision 
● ON/OFF automatically :Support, when car switch machine,Dvr will turn on automatically, and start to recording 
● Parking Monitor :Support,suggest buy a transformer line for 24 hours Parking control 
● Color :Black(Note:We only have black for this one now). *Packing List • 1 x Packaging box • 1 x DVR • 1 x Car charger • 1 x Holder • 1 x User manual • 1 x Rearview Camera With 6 Meters Cable(Optional) *Note :1.The DVR is only compatible with cars that have a 12V power supply. A 24V power supply will burn the motherboard. If you want to use 24V, please add a 24V to 12V Converter 2.Our Car DVR is FHD 1080P Video Recorder,must use high quality Class 10 TF Card, any low quality/low speed TF card all can’t support our DVRs work normally, if you can’t make sure you have good TF Card,please buy our Original TF Card together.

Product Display

 EA888 Car Dvr With 3 Camera Lens 1.Front View 2.Car Inside View 3.Back View 3 Camera Lens 170 Degree Angle + F2.0 Aperture  EA888 Features Have EA888,Don’t Need Worried The Below Problem 1 No Worried Spite Accident 2 Record Car Inside Video Protect Car From Thief 3 Offer Evidence To police Two Chooses For You You can choose 2 camera lens(without rear camera lens)if you don’t use rear camera lens.And 85% customers will choose 3 camera lens (with rear camera lens)

 2 Lens — Front + Inside Record Enjoying happy travel with families ,don’t

forget to record all happy videos timely Adjustable Holder And Camera

Lens  Without Rear Camera Lens Do you worried the problem ?  

Waterproof Rear Camera Lens Rear Camera Lens is with 4 LED lights and the cable is 6 meters . 4.0 Inch IPS Screen Display F2.0 Large Aperture WDR+HDR+3DNR  More Functions 1.Loop-Cycle Recording: When TF Card is full, Dvr will delete previous video files automatically, and keep recording all the time 2.G-Sensor: Dvr will lock current video file automatically when have crash, such as accident 3.Moving Detection: When someone moving in the front of Dvr/Car,Dvr will start record automatically Parking Monitoring If DVR be shocked by any external forces,like thief when parking,it will turn on to record automatically.(Note:Car Dvr built-in battery can not support work for long time,if you want 24 hours Parking Monitor,please buy our Transformer Cable(Parking Cable)) Wide Dynamic

Range (WDR) It has low light sensitivity and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) mode, giving it exceptional performance even in dim environments. EA888 Video Display EA888 De tails Display  

EA888 Display Package List–With Rearview Camera Lens  Because the different batch products, The Holders may different,thanks for your understand

OMGO dash cam

 Brand Name:OMGO

 Item Type:Car DVR

 Special Features:Cyclic Recording,Real Time Surveillance,Led Display,Dual Lens,Anti Vibration,Night Vision,SD/MMC Card,Automatic White Balance,Cycle Recording,Motion Detection,Anti Fog,Time&Date Display,Microphone,Anti Surge Voltage Impact,With Rearview Mirror

 Frames Per Second:25

 OSD Language:Arabic,Russian,Japanese,Russia,Chinese (Traditional),English,Chinese (Simplified)

 Interface:Micro SD/TF,AV-Out,USB2.0

 Max External Memory:32G

 Memory Card Required Reding Speed:Class 10

 Video Format:AVI

 GPS logger:None

 Assembly Mode:Rearview Mirror

 Screen Ratio:16:9

 Camera Resolution:1920×1080

 Original Package:Yes

 View angle:170°

 Battery:Built-in

 Imaging Sensor:Sony Ccd

 Pixels:1200Mega

 Touch Screen:No

 Video Code:MJPG

 Number Of Lenses:2

 Chipset Manufacturer:LT

 Display Size:4.3Inches

 car dvr with two cameras:rear view mirror with dash camera and camera

 DVR Russian:170

 Dash camera dual lens:Full HD 1920*1080P

 car detector:Car Dvr Mirror Rearview Camera

 Car Recorder:Automobile DVR

 Avtoregistrator:dashcam

 Vehicle Camera:car dvrs

 Auto Registrator:car video camera full hd

 OMGO Dash Camera:dash camera front and rear

dash camera car dvr dual lens rear view mirror auto dashcam recorder registrator in car video camera full hd dash cam dash cameras in car video camera full hd rear view mirror with dash camera and camera car dvr with two cameras dash camera front and rear Vehicle Camera

Product Features:

— 4.3 inch HD Resolution:

4.3-inch full-angle high-definition LCD screen, 1080P HD picture quality, restore the real image.

— Real 1080P HD Video:

Record HD Video in 1080P mode. The Wide Angle front camera lens, can capture all the action in crystal clear HD video. Video and audio are automatically recorded in an endless loop and saved in memory card. Record traffic incidents, scenic travel, unexpected moments or any social media worthy video.  

— 6 Glass Professional Camera:

using wide-angle infrared filter glass imports 6 glass lens, high temperature does not change color, advanced deformity correction technology, greatly reducing the bending of the image, so that quality is more perfect.

Front Lens:170  degree A+ grade high-resolution wide angle.

Rear Lens:120 degree A+ grade high-resolution wide angle.

— Reverse Image and PIP Display Mode:

This Car DVR has two cameras that allows for simultaneously recording videos from two different angles. Picture in Picture display will let you have clear view from front and back-up camera . When the car in Reversing Gear, this car dvr will automatically switch to the back-up camera image view with parking line.

— Motion Detection, Parking Monitoring Support:

When the camera front object is stationary, the DVR will stop recording,

When the camera detects an object movement, the DVR will automatically record the video.

— Loop Recording Support:

When the TF card is full,it will autiomatically delete,the former video and keep recording all the time.

— Night Vision Function:

Fill in light to allow you to make clear recordings in relatively dark environments.

— Language support:

Chinese , Russian,  Arabic , Russia, English, Japanese

Package Contents:

— One Camera Lens: 1* Package Box , 1* Car dvr , 1* Car charger, 1* User manual.

— Two Camera Lens: 1* Package Box , 1* Car dvr , 1* Car charger, 1* User manual, 1* Rear lens with cable.

White Mirror And Blue Mirror Contrast

White mirror(New Upgrade), more clear.Better mirror effect;  

Blue mirror(Ordinary Old), blurred mirror reflection.

White mirror, driving safer. 

Rearview mirror is very important driving support. 

White mirror can help us better judge the situation behind.

White mirror, hide the screen.

Full mirror display, more beautiful, more upscale.

Restore the real car rearview mirror

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8. Junsun S590 4K Ultra HD GPS Car Dash Cam

 Brand Name:Junsun

 Item Type:Car DVR

 Interface:Micro SD/TF,Wi-Fi,USB2.0

 Special Features:Real Time Surveillance,Wide Dynamic Range,G-sensor,Led Display,Night Vision,Motion Detection,Super Capacitors,Digital Zoom,Bult in GPS,Cyclic Recording,GPS Tracker,Dual Lens,SD/MMC Card,Automatic White Balance,Cycle Recording,Anti Fog,Time&Date Display,Microphone

 OSD Language:Spanish,Italian,Japanese,Chinese (Simplified),French,German,Russian,Portuguese,Russia,English

 Original Package:Yes

 View angle:170°

 Touch Screen:No

 Battery Life:Need keep charging by original car charger when use

 Video Code:H.264

 Battery:None

 Frames Per Second:60

 Memory Card Required Reding Speed:Class 10

 Assembly Mode:Portable Recorder

 Chipset Manufacturer:Novatek

 Screen Ratio:4:3

 GPS logger:Internal

 Pixels:1200Mega

 Max External Memory:64GB

 Video Format:MPEG-4

 Number Of Lenses:2

 Camera Resolution:2340×1296

 Imaging Sensor:OV4689

 Display Size:2 inch

 4K Resolution:Amazing video quality with 2160p recordings for your road trip.

 Advanced image sensor :Front: OV4689/ Back: Sony 323

 Front Camara:[email protected], [email protected],[email protected] and more

 Rear Camera resolutions:1920*[email protected]

 Night Version:Crystal clear recordings

 GPS Tracker:Support

Main features:

 —4K Resolution—-

   > Distinguish from other 1080p dash cam, our car DVR provides a video resolution high up to 2880X2160p @ 24fps.

 > Cooperate 170 wide angle and F1.8 large aperture, ensure less blind spots, achieve the best image quality;

 > Crystal clear 4K video resolution quality so good that you will notice unlike any other dash cam


The device need keep connect to original car charger then work well,  because the  device is 4k high resolution, need large power consumption to work; If use other charger or do not charge in the car, the screen will flash or device will broken because of unstable voltage and current. Before record, please use 10 class, TF card, format card in the device for 3-5 times first;

— GPS Trackers—-

 With ability to fix the direction, speed and coordinates of the movement to the video recording, and can be view by video player in computer;

—-Strong processor—-

> Advanced Chip Novatek 96663, which is designed to achieve the best video results in the format of Super HD.

> The front camera image sensor is OV4689,with 170 degree Wide Angle and F1.8 large aperture, allows you to achieve the best results of shooting video in different conditions and modes of operation. 

> 1080P Rear camera (Optional) is combine with Sony 323 sensor, 170 degree  Wide Angle ensure less blind spots, Capture a more pristine picture than ever before

Real Shot Picture 

2880*2160P Ultra HD Recording 

This DVR is a complete front and rear dash camera system that backs you up in any road incident.  Distinguish from

other  1080p  dash cam,  our car DVR provides a video  resolution high up to 2880X2160p @ 24fps and 2560×[email protected] 

OV4689  and Sony Image Sensors  in front and back cameras capture super-sharp video and perform well for nighttime driving

4K Resolution

Amazing video quality with 2160p recordings for your road trip.

Night Vision – HDR Technology

Unique High Dynamic Range (HDR) video system for superior low light compensation – reacts to extreme

light conditions just like your eye, balancing exposure and light/dark spots, you will always enjoy an optimal night vision.

Advanced Processor

Advanced Chip Novatek 96663, which is designed to achieve the best video results in the format of Super HD.The front camera image sensor is OmniVision OV4689 (1/3 “), this is one of the most up-to-date matrices on the DVR market, perfectly matching with 170° Wide Angle and F1.8 large aperture, allows you to achieve the best results of shooting video in different conditions. Also the 1080P Rear camera is combine with Sony 323 sensor, Sony is a type of image sensor widely used in cameras for its capability to capture clear, high definition shots and footage even in low-light conditions;

Dual Lens Recording

Both front and rearview camera are 170 degree, based on powerful CPU,the front and back camera (1080P) simultaneously capture the road with crystal details;  Warm and important tip: when use rear camera, the front camera will only working 1080P, because 2160p is high resolution, the processor can not run with 2160p and 1080p together;

6-Glass Lens  

6-layers glass lenses allow this Dashcam to prevent vague in multiple cli  mate environments and conditions     

GPS Tracker

GPS function is to record the driving route location. we can see the speed and driving route on the computer by provided player

Please Scan the QR to down load Video Player

ADAS Plus Make Driving Safer 

Advanced Driving Alarm Systems (LDWS/ FCWS) , it is useful alarm systems to keep your driving safer.

>> Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

Drowsy or distracted driving greatly increases the chance of an accident on the road.  The LDWS will alert the driver when the vehicle goes off lane in a speed over 50 km/h.

>> Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS)

Accidents can be avoided by maintaining a safe following distance. Road Safety Warning System calculates the real-time distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you, while driving above 30 km/h in expressways or under 30 km/h in a busy city, and issues a 3-level early warning to the driver depending on the danger of collision.

Warm tip:when use adas, please change the resolutions to 1080p/30fps;ADAS can not show in the phone, and there is no voice alarm;        

24 Hours Motion Detection Parking Mode 

Auto switch to Parking mode when you parked your car, make your car 24h parking guard. Turn on the “motion detection” function, the dash  cam will auto record once the camera detects motion. This function needs a constant power supply from hardwire.  (Need to buy separately, )

Built-in Super Capacitor

Coping with high temperatures(-25℃-70℃); Long life, and prevent explosion, the camera can operate smoothly in temperatures as high 

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